(Sold) Apple IIc Computer – Home Arcade Starter Kit


Apple IIc Computer – Home Arcade Starter Kit

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Vintage Original Apple IIc Computer starter kit.  Fully tested, fully working, comes with a 30-day warranty.  This kit includes everything you need to hook up an Apple IIc to your HDMI TV or HDMI monitor and start playing games.

Your order includes:

  • Apple IIc Computer model A2S4000, with internal floppy drive, fully tested and fully working
  • Apple IIc original power brick, fully tested and fully working
  • One box of brand-new, sealed, colored 5 1/4″ floppy disks – double-sided, double-density
  • One USB-to-serial cable (connect your modern PC to your Apple IIc)
  • One tested, bootable copy of ADTPro (for transferring game images from a modern computer to your floppies)
  • One Composite-to-HDMI adapter with cables (for connecting your Apple IIC to any HDMI screen)
  • (No monitor included, monitor shown only to demonstrate functionality of composite-to-HDMI adapter)

This computer is vintage.  It has been dissassembled, checked, calibrated, cleaned, re-assembled.  Everything comes with a 30-day warranty (return shipping costs by buyer).

This computer receives a “yellow” rating of 6.5/10.  Rating of 10 would be pristine original grey color rating, 8 to 9 would be for bleached plastics, 4 to 7 is for average original unbleached plastics, and 1 to 3 would be the very gross dark yellow color and lots of other blemishes.  Refer to this article from Stack Exchange for more information on why vintage electronics yellow over time!

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Dimensions 18 × 18 × 8 in


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