Apple IIC Fixer-Upper Computer for Adam


Apple IIC Fixer-Upper Computer for Adam

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Per Facebook listing, this is an “A2S4100” computer only with these issues:

  • case is in bad shape – there’s broken plastic by the power switch, see photos
  • handle is permanently dirty
  • motherboard is really an A4S4000 (no RAM expansion port)
  • ROM was upgraded to ROM 0 (the origina Rom 255 failed, W1 was cut, W2 was bridged, for the ROM upgrade)
  • MRD0 was replaced but didn’t need to be (will include qty 1 original MT RAM chip in a baggy)
  • CAPS LOCK and LEFT SHIFT keycaps were glued onto the alps, switches will need replaced (otherwise they work fine)
  • Closed-apple button stopped working when I closed up the case
  • EMI shield was removed by previous owner and replaced with a black spray coating inside the case
  • All ports work, floppy drive works, boots, boots disks, RAM test O.K., keyboard keys work except closed-apple and aforementioned super gluing by previous owner

Any issues with shipping calculations please reach out and I will fix it.


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Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 16 × 6 in


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