Vintage 1980 Apple IIc Computer Bag


Vintage 1980 Apple IIc Computer Bag

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Transport your home arcade computer over your shoulder in style with this old, slighty weird smelling Vintage Apple IIC Computer Bag from the 1980’s.

This bag is specifically for the Apple IIC and includes extra space for manuals, disks, peripherals, and your power supply.  We have purchased and gently cleaned many bags in recent years and they all have that odd “was it stored in Grandpa’s garage too long?” odd smell.  If you’ve been around vintage gear then you know the smell.  It’s still a cool bag, and I literally do keep one to take to Grandpa’s house when we visit.

In your package you will receive:  Vintage Apple IIC carrying bag, with velcro inner liner, detachable carrying strap.  This bag is vintage and used.  It has been gently cleaned to remove dust and other stains.  The photos on this listing are actual photos of the exact bag you will receive.

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Dimensions 22 × 22 × 6 in


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