Apple IIc to RGB / RGBs Video Adapter (A2cRGB)


Apple IIc to RGB / RGBs Video Adapter (A2cRGB)

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Credit to Yannick Erb for his design CERN Open Hardware License

Apple IIc video port to RGBs adapter, model A2cRGB v1.0.  This adapter converts the Apple IIc’s 16-bit RGB color information into RGBs analog that is capable of driving Apple Color Monitor model A2M6014 (the IIGS AppleColor Monitor).  This adapter could be modified to drive most ~15kHZ analog RGBs monitors.  This adapter is PAL and NTSC compatible.  The A2M6020 AppleColor monitors with composite input have become rare and expensive while there are plenty of A2M6014’s currently in circulation.  The A2M6014’s are also essentially SCART compatible for retro console gaming, making the A2M6014 an attractive choice currently for your CRT retro gaming needs.

Your package includes:

  • (1) fully assembled and tested A2cRGB v1.0 board, with Apple IIc video input port and RGBs output pins
  • Each board is tested on an Apple IIc NTSC to A2M6014 AppleColor monitor before shipment
  • Or select the PCB-only and build yourself!

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Additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 2 in

Complete Assembled, PCB Only


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