Prusa i3 MK3S Full Bear Upgrade 2.1 3D Printer Assembled and Ready for Use


Prusa i3 MK3S Full Bear Upgrade 2.1 3D Printer

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Prusa open-source i3 MK3S 3D filament FDM FFM printer, with complete Full Bear 2.1 upgrade.  Assembled, testing, tuned, running, and ready to go.  This makes beautiful prints and has a very robust frame.  This unit was assembled less than a month ago.
-Quantity 1, Prusa i3 MK3S 3D Printer, with full Bear 2.1 Upgrade, assembled and ready to print
-Quantity 1, Smooth double-sided PEI sheet – original Prusa
-Quantity 1, Power Cable
-Quantity 1, Bolt-on filament spool holder
-Quantity 1, 4GB SD memory card
-Quantity 1, Nozzle tightening tool (T-style)
-Quantity 1, Nozzle fun pack (6 nozzles and a wrench-style tightening tool)
-Quantity 1, Prusa lubricant
-Filament not included – we recommend Hatchbox or PolyMaker brand, or better, for newbies
-Copper heat block upgrade (E3D Original stamped part).  Better heat dissipation than brass/aluminum.
-E3D Copper 0.4mm nozzle upgrade.  Better heat dissipation than brass/aluminum.
-E3D original hotend sock – insulated sock avoids Prusa’s 5C temperature dip once cooling fan turns on.
-Misumi bearings upgrade on all axes
-Original Prusa heat break (MMU multi-material handling unit ready)
-Original OEM X,Y, E, Z axis motors from LDO
-Original dimmable LCD screen from LDO
-ABS print fan shroud
-Heavy-duty frame, less wobble, less wavey, less noise, very sturdy, easier modification with v-slots, more room for mods
-Bear Extruder – extremely easy hot-end changeout and hot-end maintenance
-Easy belt tensioners on x-axis and y-axis.  Change tension easy with one turn of a wrench.  Original PRUSA design is very difficult to tension!
-More aluminum, less 3D printed parts than original design.  Less things to break.
-Open source
We always give this a “used – like new” condition because if it were new, it would have 0 hours of print time.  These printers will have around a week of print-time (see photo).  We always “burn-in” these printers by printing out the parts necessary to build the next printer.  During this week-long process of burn-in, we fine-tune the printer to eliminate common i3 MK3S kit build issues:  improper belt tensioning, phantom axis crash detections, grinding extruder gears, etc.  The burn-in process ensures this printer has been debugged and is ready to print out of the box.  There will be minor cosmetic imperfections such as tool marks on the black anodization coating on the frame that occur during the assembly process, minor cosmetic imperfections in the 3d-printed parts, etc.  Our printers are assembled from brand new out of the box clone kits, upgraded, burned-in, and then shipped to you.
It takes about 20 hours total to properly assemble, calibrate, and test a new i3 MK3S kit.  We are selling here to make money on our labor.

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Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 20 in


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