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xPro Gaming

xPro Gaming:  We are a gaming community that was founded in 2008 and is know in 6 different countries like USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia,and Germany that provides safe and fun online games for kids of all ages. Put your energy to good use while interacting with other gamers and refining your skills.


Team OuTbreak

Team OuTbreak:  We are an up and coming 4v4 MLG GameBattles Team, also competing in online live streamed tournaments. You can visit us at TeamOuTbreak.enjin.com, we are also on YouTube/ProTeamOuTbreak, Twitter@ProTeamOuTbreak, and Facebook/Team-OuTbreak. We are currently looking for new members to help build our team! So if you've got what it takes to be a part of The OuTbreak, please fill out our Application describing what you can bring to the team!


Mods R Us

Mods R Us:  Mods R Us was originally created as a Call of Duty Elite clan, and became a clan of modding all of the COD series. We are proud to say that we have mods and that we use them. Please feel free to send an application to Mods R Us on COD Elite. We are a very fun clan to be with and we love to play with new people. You can also follow us @Mods_R_Us.


Team Platinum

Team Platinum:  We are a gaming Community from Columbus,Ohio and feature many games from Cod to Halo Reach all the way to Starcraft 2. If you are ever interested in watching us we stream at Twitch.tv/Zgabbo, Twitch.tv/GGGUNSLINGERRR and Twitch.tv/iCURRazYy. Check out our website. If you enjoy us enough you can follow us @Platinum_eSport.



DOME:  We are a large Xbox 360 clan formed on November 22, 2011 that primarily plays the most current Call of Duty game. DOME is made up of a diverse group of gamers from around the world (mainly the US and UK) that always strive for the best performance possible in competition. We take gaming seriously and try to represent the clan in a positive and competitive manner whenever possible. If interested in joining the clan check out our website at ClanDome.com.


Act Fast Gaming

Act Fast Gaming:  We are a competitive team that finds innovative and strategic ways to play, compete and win. If you're interested in joining, contact Ozone aF on Xbox Live.


DSG Community

DSG Community:  We are a community of many members who have been around gaming for a number of years. We know what has and has not worked in the past. We consider it a privilege and honor to be part of this clan. We are a mature gaming community that upholds respect, honor, loyalty, & team work. The number one thing we look for in our new members is the ability to have fun and work as a team.



First Class Gaming:  We're an Xbox 360 community for all games and all gamers. Form teams, chat in the forums, join in our weekly events, and more on our official website, FCGaming.tk or follow us on Twitter@FCGamingTK for the latest news on your favorite games!


Spartan Clan

Spartan Clan:  Hello! We are spartans! Today we are not recruiting, but check back often! Check out our youtube channel /spartansmlg. Today we don't have facebook fan page, but there is one soon! We are just a friendly clan, who likes to trickshot and so on, we also can gb, and we love minecraft :)


Purist Gamers

Purist Gamers:  A purist is one who desires that an item remain true to its essence and free from adulterating or diluting influences. Purist gamers is a team who wants to remain true to the way we feel Call of Duty should be played. We play to win. No camping no noobtubes. If you are interested in joining check us out on Twitter@PuristGamers or on YouTube/PuristGamers.



BLuR:  We are a PlayStation 3, Call of Duty clan, comprised of dedicated members that share a passion for winning. We have a structure of staff that share the same passion, ambitions, and dreams, we all love gaming but not any gaming, The highest competitive level of gaming and have the same vision for the business and every team that we manage, We strive to win and train to be the best, period. Commitment, Communication, and Championships. These are the big three that define, BLuR.




PREDATORY GAMING:  We were founded with "TEAM" in mind. Being a great individual player does not always equal a great teammate. PREDATORY GAMING wants great players who can team up with others to form the perfect teams. We participate in Black Ops 2 and Halo 4 at the moment with future plans to branch out to individual Fighting and PC competitions. We are determined to be the best and are willing to work hard and get to the top. "ALL OR NOTHING"! Check us out on YouTube/zSTR8FEz, Twitch.tv/Predatory_Gaming, Twitter@Pr3datoryGaming, or our GameBattles: Black Ops 2 and Halo 4



OddBallGamerz:  We are a new clan that is trying to get started Black Ops 2 in gamer battles. We work hard and play harder. We never say die or give up and we love a challenge.


Go Frag Yourslef Clan

Go Frag Yourself:  FRAG was founded on June 25, 2012 by FRAG V1PER, but only opened its doors to recruitment on September 10, 2012, The clan was founded on the basis of becoming a place for gamers of both casual and competitive play styles to call their own. Formed from the concept that all decisions should be group based and not made by one individual we believe this to be the best way for any clan to progress, as such we will endeavor to make this a larger, respected & organized group of gamers and friends.


Black out Gaming

Black out Gaming:  We are Black out Gaming! A community that thrives to be the best. We have our ranking side and our competitive side. BoG branches off into three awesome games, Halo 4, COD: Black Ops II, and BF3. We are over 150 members strong and rapidly growing everyday. We are a family and we care about our people! We are here for each other as a clan and as a friend. We are Black out Gaming!


Vain Gaming

Vain Gaming:  Vain is a Call of Duty clan on XBOX360. We are always looking to get better. Vain is about team work, trusting each other, and putting the effort in. We are maybe looking to get to a pro stage and go to an EGL event.



KiLLuMiNaTi KiNGz ELiTE:  We are an 18+ multi-sponsored gaming community that specializes primarily on the Call of Duty franchise. We compete every weekend through Call of Duty Elite and rank among the top 100 clans in the world on both MW3 and BOPS2. We currently are recruiting new members who meet the requirements of,

  1. Age 18+
  2. At least 1.0 K/D
  3. Call of Duty Elite Premium
  4. Wear the KLKz uniform.


Apocalypse Gaming

Apocalypse Gaming:  We are new and fresh to teh world of elite gaming and only have a few members but we are looking for new people to join us in our fight to success. We participate in all clan ops and challenges and are always trying to better ourselves and help each other any way we can.


Below Zero

Below Zero:  We are a group of friends who originally started playing competitively back in CoD4, we now play all of the Call of Duty titles for fun and on GB. We made this Clan in an effort to increase the excitement and fun we get out of games and now are growing more rapidly than ever expected. Look up BelowZeroHD on YouTube. Videos coming soon!


Team EnVy

Team EnVy:  We are an upcoming Pro Circuit team. We will be giving you the very best of MW3 comontaries, montages & MLG Pro Gaming. Remember its not about keeping the tradition, its about building the legacy. Also check us out on YouTube/TeamEnVyNation.


Reaction Force Gaming

Reaction Force Gaming:  We are a group of players who support communication and teamwork. RFG does not and will not lose we take gaming seriously but we also have fun moments. To join RFG contact RFG Redneck on Xbox Live or become a member on our website. Check us out on YouTube/RFGTheClan, Facebook-Reaction Force Gaming, and Twitter@RFGTheClan


Marc Gaming

Marc Gaming:  We are a community that plays various games. We are a global group of people. You can follow us on Twitter@Marc_Gaming and on our YouTube/MarcGamingNation channel. Feel free to put in an application at any time.


Try Hard Gamerz

Try Hard Gamerz:  We are a Clan that have been around since 2010. We are Very Competitive and We Try To Be The Best Clan and We focus on having great Team's and Member's. We Love to have fun and work together as a Team.


Modding Bros

Modding Bros:  We are 2 friends who love bringing the community the best macros out there! You can contact us all on xbox at: GT: QsR x ExecuTioN GT: GunSkill GFX.


UNiTE Alliance Gaming

UNiTE Alliance Gaming: We are a united alliance of gamers. We strive for victory in public and competitive game modes. Check us out at YouTube/UNiTEAllianceGaming Follow us on Twitter@UNiTEAlliance and like us at FaceBook/UNiTEAllianceGaming.


Stun Snipers

Stun Snipers:  Stun is a new clan that is growing quickly. We are a clan that is all about trickshotting and If you would like to look at our talent on YouTube.com/TheStunSnipers. Our main game is modern warfare 2, but we also play modern warfare 3 and call of duty 4. We are always hitting shots so please check out our youtube for more videos. If u see us online we are very chill, and demand the same. We are all about sportsmanship and do not like arguments. So if u like to argue don't join our game.



sG:  sG is a new clan that is growing quickly. We are a clan that includes a trickshotting branch and and a competitive branch. If you would like to look at our talent on YouTube/SnipingGenerationHQ/, or our website SnipingGeneration.webs.com Our main game is modern warfare 2, but we also play modern warfare 3. We are always hitting shots so please check out our youtube for more videos. If u see us online we are very chill, and demand the same. We are all about sportsmanship and do not like arguments. So if u like to argue don't join our game.



Snipin Region:  We are the new Gen of Snipin. We are not a PS3 clan no 2nd Gen, no other account. To see our videos go check us out at: YouTube.com/sRRegionClan.


Wolf Clan

Wolf Clan:  We made this clan based on the true meaning of 1st/3rd person shooter games. WOLF CLAN is Military structured clan reflecting real tactics and team work. Our long term goal is to turn Wolf Clan 360 into a brand reflecting the highest level of professionalism, dedication and loyalty. All of our members are required to adhere to the rules and regulations, ensuring all Wolf members are ACTIVELY participating in all clan matters from planning, training on the game to development of the website. Everyone's voice is heard, their opinions and ideas are incorporated one way or another making Wolf Clan 360 an effort of ALL. We hold our members to higher standards, and those standards don't necessarily include kill-to-death ratios or things quantifiable through statistics. It has been our experience that while statistics are nice they don't do you any good if the person wielding these formidable stats isn't a team player.


HecTic Gaming

HecTic Gaming:  We are a Community that have been around for a couple of years. We are growing very quickly and starting to have great Sponsors and Gaming Jerseys. We are a very Mature community that upholds Respect, Honor, Loyalty, and Team Work. When we play we use a lot of Communication and quick call outs while having Clan Battles or Playing online. For the new members we look forward in them to have fun and work together as a Team. You can also check us out on Twitter@HGCommunity.


Neat Snipin

Neat Snipin:  We are an original, creative and innovative clan. Check out our amazing videos on YouTube/NeatSnipin and follow us on Twitter@NeatSnipin.


MysTic Gaming

MysTic Gaming®:  We are a Competitive Sniping Team, Our Motto Is, "A Quad Feed A Day Keeps The Haters Away". We Need GFX People And Editors. XBOX only message OpTic Tyrek To Try Out For MysTic Gaming®!



LethalxGaming:  LethalxGaming is one of Call of Duty Elite's finest clans. We pride ourselves as being a community of friendship, sportsmanship and have fun while playing. With our current group of members we have consistently placed in the top 10 in recent clan ops. With one championship under our belts we strive for nothing less.


STWX Gaming

STWX Gaming:  We are a PS3 clan who play all sorts of games, but mainly MW2 and MW3, check out our YouTube and twitter @stwx_Gaming Follow us and subscribe.


ReMiiX CLaaN

ReMiiX CLaaN:  We are a CTF clan for the Call of Duty series on XBL. ReMiiX is a clan that likes to have fun and be competitive. We are always actively recruiting so hit ReMiiX W up on XBL if interested. Follow us on Twitter@ReMiiX_CLaaN and like us on FaceBook/ReMiiX.CLaNN.


MaRz Gaming

MaRz Gaming:  We are a hard going clan and we step up to the challenge. Message me on XBox:MaRz DeathBed


AmaZe Gaming

AmaZe Gaming:  We are one of the best competitive clans out there. Stay up to date with us on our AmaZing Website! Also check us out on our YouTube/olPulse channel for AmaZing Gameplay, and follow us on Twitter@olPulse.


Uptown Mafia Fam

Uptown Mafia Fam:  We are a Mafia-based clan that play's GTA IV, as well as other games such as Max payne 3, CoD:MW3, and others. We are highly skilled players that don't use modded controllers. We are also a very experienced Clan being as we've been up for just about a year and are one of THE BEST GTA IV clans out there and we look foward to expanding to GTA V!



CROSSxCLAN:  We are a Quickscoping clan and trickshoting clan. Check are awesome clan out at YouTube/CROSSXCLAN. We are a clan that has been going for about three months. To join just private message one of us on Xbox Live.


Cycle Sniping

Cycle Sniping:  Cycling through the opposing team one quick scope at a time. A Cycle is defined as a series of events that regularly take place in the same order. For us, that event is winning. At Cycle we have fun and push the game to its limit. Its all about how you play and your ability to predict the opponents actions before they know what hit them. We pride ourselves on our sniping ability through trickshots, quickscopes, and feeds! For more information please visit our website: CycleSniping.Webs.com.


Limited Series Gaming

Limited Series Gaming:  We play any competitive game, but mainly the Call of Duty series. If you would like to play add us on Xbox GT: Ls BuFFaLo, Ls Aqua, Ls Flex Mitch18Beats


The Official Sniping Clan

The Official Sniping Clan:  We are a clan that only uses snipers. We accept only the best and our requirements are strict. If interested in joining, contact OSC Blitzkrieg or OSC Fracture.



TBUprising:  This is a new clan we are looking for people that like to have fun while trickshotting or getting feeds and show there skill on YouTube. Check us out on YouTube/TBUprising if you are interested. Help Us get Subs Please


Voltage Gaming

Voltage Gaming:  We are a community of many members who have been around gaming for a number of years. We Trickshot/Killfeeds we're old school with it. But if anyone is ever interested in supporting or following us throughout our careers gaming please visit our clan's website: YouTube/VoltageClanMW3.


WySo Gaming

WySo Gaming:  We are an Xbox 360 clan and are competitive partners with Just Nation. If you like us subscribe to our YouTube/WySoGaming channel and also go like and favorite all our videos leave a comment:) Thank You:) Also check us out on Twitter@WySoGaming and Facebook/WySo-Gaming


1 Above All

1 Above All:  We are an MW3/MW2 clan and All we do is W1N.. we call ourselves The W1NN1NG Team


Rising 4

Rising 4:  We are a competitive but also fun clan. We will be on youtube soon and if you wanna team up just ask bro.


Kra Gaming

Kra Gaming:  We are a Trickshot/Killfeed Clan.Please check out our YouTube/KraGaming Channel. Friend me on Xbox: Kra Cliffhanger. To join please fill out the Recruitment form on our clans channel.


All I Do Is CLAN

All I Do Is CLAN:  Doing what we do best is all we do. Let it be Quickscopes, Noscopes or Run 'N Gun you name it. We do everything and we do it the BEST AllIDoIsCLAN.



Aero:  We are a Gaming Community and we play GameBattles too and our motto is "WE GAME TO PUT YOU TO SHAME"


ONiX Gaming

ONiX Gaming:  We are an XBox360 Clan that works hard, stays organized, and puts pride into everything we do. We are recreational and competitive players that enjoy gaming and doing other things.


Hazard To Humanity

Hazard To Humanity:  I'm Hazardous So Back Off



DTA:  We are a new clan on the PS3. We are recruiting both male and female gamers ages 16+. We play different games but mostly MW2, MW3 & Black Ops 2. If you would like to join our clan, hit us up on FB@DTA-Clan


Viral Killing

Viral Killing:  We are a level 46 clan. We have around 40 members and we're all premium members. We enlist in all clan ops and clan challenges I'm 1178 in team defender. We use all guns. If you would like to join apply on elite or message MW3 MADE ME F4T



Street2GaminG:  xStreetmachineX and xStreetSupremeX new joint channel and clan starting to recruit will be uploading montages,trolls,small clips,cool kills, commentaries and much more all for your enjoyment. hit us up with a subscribe please and thank you



FSU XBOX:  We are a CoD clan that mainly plays Black Ops. Right now we are looking for new members and would like you to tryout. Follow us on Twitter@fsuxbox.



UKz-OPzMassive:  We are a UK based PS3 and now XBOX multi gaming clan, Call of Duty gamers mainly but also BF1, 2 and 3 or any game we can put our OPzM tag in. Our clan was formed by myself and 4 other members 5 years ago now, and is currently run with amazing backroom staff, designers and technical support. Our clan specializes in all games and modes, this ensures the Gaming in our websites name and to add variety and diversity to our clan.



Zed:  We are ZedBase. We give our fans style and motivation to make sick clips. Help us get famous. If you want to join, message us on YouTube/TheZedBase.



THE-XPENDABLES:  We are a new clan that plans to dominate MW3 and beyond. The leaders came from another clan to start over. We are always recruiting new members and everyone is expendable if you don't participate. We strive for perfection. Respect is the most important thing to us. We have only been around for a short time but we ranked 124 already in clan ops. If you're interested in joining come talk to us.


StoPUs Sniping

StoPUs Sniping:  StoPUs Sniping is a Xbox only clan, one that is reaching the top quickly. If you don't StoP Us, then no one ever will. We plan to keep it that way with our crazy trickshots and feeds. To join the uprising StoP clan, check us out on YouTube/StoPUsSniping. "StoP Us, if you can."



MightyBush:  YouTube/MightyBush12 is about gaming and i enjoy posting my videos to the public and getting feedback. I post up gameplay and commentaries.


NBDX Gaming Clan

NBDX Gaming Clan:  We like to chillout whilst gaming. We love to put the fun in the gaming and make sure all of our members have a fun time. We show the same amount of respect to all of our members no matter the age or culture. We absolutly love to play games for fun.


RED Clan

RED Clan:  We basically quickscope,trickshot. Our main games are basically Modern Warfare 2 and higher. We love to be ourselves and be creative. We Love our clan moto "Sniping With Precision" and we love Xbox 360.


Lift Nation

Lift Nation:  We are a clan of Xbox players eager to make our way up to the top, we trickshot, feed and do a few commentarys we are willing to recruit any people who want to offer their Trickshot feeding or GFX skills to our clan. If u wish to be recruited contact Lift Fyzo either on Skype: byFyzo or by Email: bwxbox@live.co.uk. Also check us out on YouTube/LiftToTheTop, Twitter@LiftToTheTop, Facebook/LiftToTheTop and our website LiftToTheTop.weebly.com


Blurry Twisted Gaming

Blurry Twisted Gaming:  We are a clan of friends and want to get our name out there as we will be playing mostly search. We are recruiting so inbox us on YouTube/BlurryTwistedGaming.



MONSTAHxMAFIA 2:  We are a PS3 clan that is well represented with mature players. Between 2 clans we have 135 people and we play competitively every week. We have a facebook page and twitter page. Our Clan has been developing very quickly. Check us out on Twitter@MxMdaridge and YouTube/MONSTAHxMAFIA.


Live Gaming

Live Gaming:  We are a team of a new beginning we range from trickshotting to feeding and now we are even geting into GB. If you want to check us out on YouTube/LiveGaminglgClan or you can like us on facebook through our youtube channel. If you are interested in joining Live you can contact our leaders on xbox360 GT: Live Honor GT: Live Nasty LG GT: Live Nonstop GT: Live iGame


Julez Clan

Julez Clan:  We're snipers.



Reaps:  I love playing games. I'm a Trickshoter and a Feeder. My GamerTag is Vizion ReePs I used to be leader of Vizion but we recently broke apart so now I'm going solo. You can add me on skype: justreaps or check me out on YouTube/TheClanVizion or YouTube/JerkinMusicWeekly.



Hydras:  We will be attending every major event around England to start of with, that includes iseries and EGL. After we are a stable team, we will start attending abroad events. We look to push our team to the limit and finish Top8 at every major event.



FuRy:  FuRy Gaming provides professional gaming coverage for viewers! Check us out on YouTube/FuRyGaming, Facebook/FuRy-Gaming, and Twitter@Official_FuRy!


The Sneaky Platypuss

The Sneaky Platypuss:  Machinima Partner, competitive gamer, all around fun guy. Check out my channel and subscribe!



Film:  OH I HIT IT Film that. We are a trickshoting and quickscope/noscope clan. Check us out on YouTube/ItsFilmGaming and our website.


Matrix Elite Gaming Association

Matrix Elite Gaming Association:  Our Mission-To provide peace and stability throughout the gaming the world so that we may achieve unity though this sophisticated way. Our legacy-We are great fighters and will do and achieve anything to reach our priority goal. Our Creed-We shall dominate and take down any opposing forces that stand inbetween our clan and our mission. We are the Matrix Elite Gaming Association and we are the peacekeepers of our gaming world. Join us and our mission.


Smurf Clan

Smurf Clan:  We are a new clan recruiting new players everyday to join, we accept everybody any age. Safe and fun for everyone.


oWn Clan

Smurf Clan:  Hello we are oWn Sniping. Love to snipe and trickshot and sometimes play MLG.


Golden Era

Golden Era:  Golden Era a core black ops 2 search and destroy on the console Xbox 360. we are a bunch of determined players competing for the 1# spot in Australia. we are also an organisation that create montages, do glitches and dominate online game play.



Fariko_ChargeUk: were top ten masters team on league play were on a 25 win streak we have roles for the team Puma anchors (myself) cobraa hits the hardpoint or the flag , croix is the first one to the hardpoint and keeps the flag runner safe , woodz is the last one in the hardpoint sits back with a assault rifle until he picks up then he moves to the next one , we love to play call of duty we are a great team we dont argue with other teams or eachother we play to win we play hard and always will [Bio]


Lust Clan

Lust Clan:  We are a Call of Duty Clan that specializes in Sniping Montages and Competitive Gaming. You can check us out at YouTube/OfficialLustClan



Overlord:  We are an all COD clan that never backs down from a challenge. We have a lot of motivation to become a pro team and won't stop until we make it. We started just 3 months ago and already have 23 members . Our team dream is to one day become one of the greatest teams in COD history.