PS3 Ragnarok

PS3 Ragnarok General Information

Ragnarok is a modified controller for the PlayStation 3 gaming console.  PS3 Ragnarok was released to the market in August 2011.


Viking Community Forums

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Tutorial Videos

Check out these useful tutorial videos by clicking below.  Click the "four arrows" to make the video larger:

Basic Rapid Fire Tutorial

Advanced Rapid Fire Tutorial

Button Layout Changing Tutorial

USB Programmable Ragnarok Tutorial


Instruction Sheets

Click on the various images below to download, view or print the instruction cards for the PS3 Ragnarok.

Instructions 1 of 3 Instructions 2 of 3 Instructions 3 of 3



Windows USB Software

If you purchased the USB version of the PS3 Ragnarok, click the image below to download the PS3 Ragnarok software installer v1.8.0.

PS3 Ragnarok - modded controller customization software

(Compatible with Windows XP w/SP3, Vista, or Windows 7)


Import Driver Updates

  As always, when you first connect your Ragnarok, check the driver version number.  Each update unlocks more features.  We are currently serving Universal Driver Update v1.8.  Download the tools below to update your PS3 Ragnarok:

Click here to download the PS3 Ragnarok Firmware Updater tool XP Users also need to download this .EXE file

Click here to download the Universal Firmware/Driver v1.8 for your PS3 Ragnarok