Viking is Superior to All Others

The reasons are simple

Viking is the ONLY company that offers FREE SOFTWARE UPDATES FOR LIFE.  Viking DOES NOT CHARGE YOU EXTRA MONEY FOR EACH MOD that you want to add to your controller.  You pay once, and then get every mod that is available for that particular controller.


Updates over the internet direct to your controller

Some Viking360 customers purchased their controllers way back in June 2009, way back before "Jitter mod" and most other mods even existed.  Thanks to Viking's FREE SOFTWARE UPDATES FOR LIFE program, those old customers are still going strong with the latest and greatest mods - without paying an extra dime.

Our free software updates come right off our website, into our programming software, and into your controller.  You never have to send your controller into our shop for software updates, and you will never pay a dime for any software updates that come available.


Ask for free software updates for life

Ask your modshop if they guarantee free software updates in the future.  THEY CAN'T.  'Nuff said.


Buy It Once, Buy It For Life.  Viking!